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Why Choose a Dedicated Server

In the world of hosting you must already know the 3 types of hosting the Shared Hosting, VPS or Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Server last. Shared hosting on the profits you has ease of access and also a very cheap price in accordance with your short pocket. But this lack of shared hosting resource lies in the interplay between users from one another. In other words, if there is one user to use large resources then you will receive the effects on the performance of the website is super slow.

Next is a VPS or Virtual Private Server where the hosting of this type is actually the development of shared hosting. Yes, hosting is still using a shared hosting server is the same as the distinction is on its resources which are restricted to a per-user so there is no fight each other resource? But the price of one service is more expensive than Shared Hosting. Well then the latter is a Dedicated Server hosting where it clearly has the advantage that far more than the two previous hosting. Explanation of the dedicated server and the reasons why you should choose dedicated server hosting.

Explanation of hosting Dedicated Server
In general in the hosting world you may be more likely to recognize shared hosting and newer is vps server. Both hosting this very popular because the price is still affordable and services are still fairly good quality. But back again the development of technology and more data is entered and must be stored, making it the second hosting overwhelmed in accepting data that is too much. Yes both the hosting will have access to significant delays and sometimes even hangs when incoming data so much.

Suppose you have a website which uses a shared or VPS hosting service. Well maybe when your visitors numbering in the hundreds or perhaps thousands, your website will not have problems or fluent-fluent only in terms of speed of access. But later on you will feel the change is significant when your visitor had risen to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands per day. Yes you will be experiencing a delay access to your website. Not only that, although the number of visitors you do not how but the data must be stored is also too much, you will feel the unnatural this on your website.

So what’s the solution?

Well because the problem is ultimately the owner of the website began to consider hosting a dedicated server. What is hosting a dedicated server? Unlike the two previous hosting, hosting dedicated server is the server itself only provided specifically for individual users only, or without shared. Dedicated server is divided into 2, namely one’s own dedicated server and dedicated server lease.

Dedicated Server property itself is a server hosting provided by the owner of the website or in other words the website owner to use his own computer as the hosting server. The advantage is that website owners can manage their own hosting in accordance with her wishes, including the permitted capacity of the data. While the shortcomings is that if low-specification computers then perform no better than vps server or even a shared hosting, other than that if the lights off and there is no backup power is automatically off the website and cannot be accessed.

While renting a Dedicated Server typically have very high specifications and quality that spelled luxury. Yes, the services offered are usually very high quality and guaranteed to be free from weight problems than access to a dedicated server owned by them. Advantage rent a dedicated server is rarely off the lights and the lights off if there is usually a reserve power to keep the website online, while also the quality of access speeds exceptional comfort. While the drawbacks are the price offered is so high and sometimes suffocating.

Then why should choose a Dedicated Server?

Each hosting server has advantages and disadvantages of its own including a dedicated server. Well there are some things you should consider why you should choose a dedicated server are:

1. Able free of charge
Yes it can happen if you use a dedicated server with your own computer. You do not need to spend extra money to hire a hosting. But certainly you also have to master how to download the settings your computer into a self-hosting money management.

2. Quality is extremely fast access
Of course with computers that are provided for your own without the split will be much faster and free to use so you do not have to worry about the performance of your site when accessed.

3. Suitable for upper-class businessmen, and professionals
If you are a top class business people, or perhaps is a professional field of online worlds have a fantastic website with the number of visitors and also the data so much. Now with a dedicated server hosting is you do not have to worry about the speed or capacity provided because surely more than enough so you can take care about your activities

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