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Differences OpenVZ VPS (Virtuozzo) and XEN

Let us all know about the differences of the virtualization technology that uses OpenVZ (Virtuozzo) and Xen VPS, including the advantages and disadvantages of both because the existence of virtualization technology allows us to get access like a dedicated server.

Virtualization technology that is currently the most popular of OpenVZ and XEN. Both have advantages and disadvantages. These are things you need to understand before deciding to take which.

Let’s discuss the differences in both:

OpenVZ (called Virtual Private Server / VPS)


  1. Can overselling
  2. Setup is easier to remember linux partition that is used by default
  3. Using the Burst RAM
  4. Server management is easier than Xen
  5. Using less resources


  1. Does not support SWAP
  2. All VPS are highly dependent on node (because the kernel go to the node).
  3. If you run out of memory dedicated and Burst (fixed), the VPS will be down.
  4. Some settings are limited by the Node
  5. Only supports linux

XEN (called Virtual Dedicated Server / VDS)


  1. The system stands alone as a Dedicated Server
  2. Using SWAP
  3. Almost no problem with setting because it is not limited by the node
  4. If Memory Dedicated expires, the SWAP will function automatically and do not like OpenVZ is down, the XEN only causes the system will slow VDSnya
  5. Can support the installation of Windows Server


  1. Node setup with LVM partition (Because it requires a VG to client VDS)
  2. XEN can only run stable at least 256 MB of RAM memory
  3. Need more space in the node to temp process
  4. Can not do overselling
  5. Require large resources

Xen is usually the first choice for sites that require more memory. Especially for users who plan to do many tasks that require additional memory, such as video encoding, compilation or the development of Java applications.

Most Xen has to offer is Xen PV (paravirtualization). Xen PV support only linux.

Use the disk as swap memory. If the swap is already in use, then the disk io will go up and the server will be overloaded by the weight of the disc.

XEN price is also far more expensive than OpenVZ due to its inability to overselling.

Noteworthy for its OpenVZ is Guaranteed RAM. If burstable RAM shared his reply was, in the sense that sellers can provide burstable ram with a total physical RAM above who has.

OpenVZ is much faster than XEN on condition not to overselling, especially when it burst its 3-4 times above the guarantee of RAM.

Therefore, the OpenVZ seems to be a better option for many people. Not only is it faster for daily operations, but also more consistent and less overload.

Based on personal experience, XEN is consuming more memory than OpenVZ.

For those of you who are beginners in using the VPS, you should take OpenVZ.

Thus our discussion about the difference OpenVZ (Virtuozzo) and Xen VPS, hopefully with this discussion, you who are interested to buy a VPS service can get insight before making a reservation VPS

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