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AGC Auto Generate Content

AGC aka auto generated content. Something should be said there are two sides of a coin between fun and disturbing. why it could be called pleasant, as the owner of the site, we do not need to bother filling content or updating content, and all that smells of the website content can be done automatically, even if we’re sleeping, working, or on leave. (Away from the computer). with such facilities (generated content) many of the newbie who does not bother to fill content, immediately plug ads (Adsense, Chitika, cpm, and so on) including me. hehehehe

After browsing adsend-id and kaskus and often perform a new search was aware that the AGC was not fun. for example we are looking for data and results of google bring up the sites with the AGC in it. still cranky, just like how else did we not include actors in it. diamond engagement ring

So the question is returned to us as well. there are friends who say, AGC is allowed but do not overdo it. Because of something that is excessive is not good, a lot of harm in the appeal benefits. As long as we can utilize existing technology certainly our site become better. varied content, and more content.

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