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Differences and Advantages Shared Server and Dedicated Server

What is the Differences and Advantages Shared Server and Dedicated Server ? Perhaps many who already know the differences and advantages, but still hesitate when choosing who is most fit to be home hosting. In this post I will discuss about the two types of servers that are generally provided by every web hosting service.

When we rent a place to blog and our website in a web hosting service, we generally have 2 choices – rent a shared server or dedicated server. If you choose shared hosting / server (or so-called virtual hosting) then the website or blog to share space with other websites. But if we choose a dedicated server, then we will be given full authority to control all the servers without sharing with other websites and network connections entirely, but of course the price is much more expensive dedicated servers.

Shared server is much cheaper than a dedicated server. Shared servers generally do not need technical skills tenants, because the overall technical problems handled by the Admin server. Therefore, shared servers are often the best choice for websites that have a medium-scale business with the amount of traffic that is not too high.

While shared servers are good for websites that have a medium-scale businesses, but the shared server is not a good choice for large businesses that have high traffic. For those dedicated servers are a must!

Like I said before that the dedicated server is much more expensive than Shared servers, dedicated servers also require technical expertise to operate it. If your site generate thousands of dollars a day from e-commerce and of course your business will lose money if the server you are using DOWN for one or two days, then you should consider switching to a dedicated server. Below are the reasons why you should use a dedicated server:

Server Response Times and Site Traffic Management:

Server response times (response time from the server) on shared hosting is affected by the condition of other websites that share a server with you. Server response time will be affected by any interference from other websites. For example, if another site suddenly got an unexpected high traffic. This disorder is beyond your control as a user of a shared server. But if you use a dedicated server, you are in control to manage it, plan it, so it can raise the level of traffic and other things that cannot be done in shared server users.

Flexibility and Software:

If you use shared servers then you have limited privileges on the operating system, software applications are also limited extent provided by your web hosting. But if you want to control yourself, customize your own e-commerce or database applications you will need a dedicated server.


If then your site grow and become big, of course, will increase the number of traffic and applications that you need to overcome it becomes mandatory, then you should upgrade your server. If the server you are using is a shared server then the option to upgrade is limited. Upgrades will be given a limited enlargement of the amount of disk space, and that’s it! But you cannot upgrade the hard drive, Ram processors, and platform or application software. But if you use a dedicated server, you can do it all!

Security Level:

Information and files that you put in the shared servers generally do not have a strong security level compared to a dedicated server. Even a dedicated server has its own firewall. If you store confidential and sensitive information, then a strong security level has become imperative.

That’s a little review about the Differences and Advantages Shared Server and Dedicated server.

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