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Twitter Revolution

Technology-based knowledge, information and communication until now remained a focus for the spirit of building political systems, social, economic, trade that is able to mobilize many people look for alternatives in the behavior of non-democratic elite, corruption, do censorship, or rein in public opinion.

Political and social turmoil in the Middle East region that hit all the Arab countries became evident how the behavior of elites in some countries this nation one by one fallen to deal with digital social networking is also crucial for determining their future.

Applications such as Facebook and Twitter generate revolution without leadership. A new kind of revolution that is able to organize to unite millions of people carved the history of the world. This is evident in Tunisia and Egypt, and will continue to prove themselves in Bahrain, Libya, Iran, and several other Arab countries.

Radical social change that brings the people of the Arab countries into the streets demanding their leaders are corrupt with a prolonged power has made the advancement of information communication technology, including mobile phones and SMS, a source of inspiration and an incredible mover.

When the digital social networking censored and terminated, the mobile network is turned off, came another attempt to also determine and influence the ideas of new thinking as an alternative to power. In Asia, the progress of communications technology has long been part of political life.

Waves SMS with the message “Go 2EDSA wear black” became the political tool to change the course of government power and overthrow Philippine President Joseph Estrada in 2001. The progress of information communication technology has eased the conditionality for new political demands to present a full and complete mobilization of overthrowing the greedy.

When the power of Egypt to stop the digital networking systems, appear to present an alternative voice messages to a specific phone number that automatically convert into text micro-blogging through the joint cooperation of Google, Twitter, and SayNow.

Change in the Middle East region once again prove, the progress of information communication technology cannot be dammed, no matter how that is done. Digital social networking in the form of Facebook or Twitter is a network that drains the various data and information that could foment a revolution. The revolution is not led.

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