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Mac OSX 10.7 Lion

Mac OS 10.7 Lion will feel really new and much different from 10.6 Snow Leopard, almost all the new features are similar to IOS 4. As reported by the Apple website, updates include:

1. Mac App Store [Status: Released!!]

Mac App Store can already be obtained through Software Update directly from the Apple menu, or download the Combo Update from Apple’s web links: http://www.apple.com/mac/app-store/

Introducing the best place to discover and buy new apps are made just for Macs, right on a Mac. Just like shopping the App Store on the iPad, the Mac App Store offers endless possibilities to browse and purchase apps. And it simplifies the way you install apps on the Mac. Just click once, and your new app is downloaded, installed, and ready to go.

Pros & Cons
[+] App Store can be accessed using the iPhone and iPad account, so everything can be downloaded with one account only Mac only.
[+] If an update is available, the Mac will immediately notify to you, chances are all the apps are no longer going to issue a popup asked for an update, but just in the Mac App Store.
[+] Want to clean install? Or buy a new Mac? With App Store, we re-live the login and download the apps that we have bought previously.
[+] Cool applications like Apple’s Pages, Numbers, Keynote can now be purchased separately without having to buy a set of iWork, buy only what you need

2. Launchpad

The Launchpad Gives you instant access to your apps – iPad style. Just click on the Launchpad icon in your Dock. Your open windows fade away, Replaced by an elegant, full-screen display of all the apps on your Mac. It takes just a swipe to see multiple pages of apps, and apps you cans arranged any way you like by dragging the app icon to a new location or by grouping apps in folders. Downloaded the app from the App Store? Your new app automatically appears on the Launchpad, ready to blast off.

In contrast to the Snow Leopard apps are there as a folder in the Dock, Launchpad is a list of apps in a few pages, very similar to IOS 4, even though the folder

Pros & Cons
[+] New Apps downloaded from the App Store directly appear here
[+] Organized Crime in the pages and folders (in IOS known as Springboard)
[+] Easily controlled with a finger swipe some

3. Full Screen Apps

On the iPad, every app is displayed full screen, with no distractions, and there’s one easy way to get back to all your other apps. Mac OS X Lion does the same for your desktop. You can bring an app to full screen with one click, switch to another app full-screen with a swipe of the trackpad, and swipe back to the desktop to access your multi-windows apps. And systemwide support for full-screen apps makes them bigger and more immersive. So you cans concentrate on every detail of your work, or play on a grander scale than ever before.

Many new apps will run by default in fullscreen mode

Pros & Cons
[+] More concentrated on the app that is being done
[+] Can switch to fullscreen with a finger swipe
[-] Again, very similar to IOS, but IOS has only one button, what about the Mac later?

4. Mission Control

Mission Control is a powerful and handy new features That Provides you with a comprehensive view of what’s running on your Mac. It gives you a bird’s-eye view of everything – Including Exposé, Spaces, Dashboard, and full-screen apps-all in one place. With a simple swipe gesture, your desktop zooms out to Mission Control. There you can see your open windows grouped by app, thumbnails of your full-screen apps, Dashboard, Spaces and other events, Arranged in a unified view. And you cans get to anything you see on Mission Control with just one click. Making you the master of all you survey.

Mission Control position higher than the Exposé & Spaces, Dashboard and also include apps that run

Pros & Cons
[+] More easily switch between apps, desktop, or dashboard
[-] Actually important, why the newly created now ?? 😀

5. Invisible Scrollbar!

In Addition to the new Mac App Store, Federighi’s demonstration Also Revealed the new scroll bar behavior in less exciting apps, Including Dictionary, the which he briefly opened up while showing Launchpad. Dictionary opened with the new same tiny, trackless IOS-like gray That scroll bar then disappeared after a moment.

Also launched iPhoto 11 with no visible scroll bar, despite having more than a single window of content. When taken full screen, the app continued to have no visible scroll bar. The existing version of iPhoto running on Mac OS X Snow Leopard always reserves a column for the scroll bar, even Pls there’s no need for one (below). Also Safari and iCal both appeared without the scroll bars in the demo.

If a closer look, every apps in the Lion look no scrollbar until we are there and will direct the scrolling pointer.

Pros & Cons
[+] Very nice, scrollbars appear if it is needed
[-] Will confuse users who think that these apps cannot scroll

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