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Easy Ways to Increase Alexa Rank

Actually the core of the increase alexa rank is to increase the amount of traffic or visits to your website or blog, but often the data is in the can by alexa on your blog traffic is not accurate, therefore we as the owner of the website or blog must strive for a web or blog traffic data we get to the Titans with accuracy.

Here are some tips on increasing alexa rank for web or blog:

Install Alexa Toolbar on your Internet browser you use

As has been mentioned before that alexa.com will know the amount of traffic or visits is through the Alexa toolbar installed on Internet browsers. Actually this way is not only beneficial to your own website or blog, but it is also beneficial for the web or blogs that you visit frequently. But I’m sure you will more often visit the blog at your own compared to other people visiting the blog. Interested wish to install the Alexa toolbar in your browser, install it now.


Another alternative for Firefox users (integration between Page Rank and Alexa Rank checker checkher):


Install the alexa widget in blog

This is another alternative for engine alexa know accurately the number of blog visitors, since not all web visitors or our blog install the Alexa toolbar in Internet browser. If you still find it difficult to install the alexa widget on the blog, please read the article on “Tutorials adding Alexa Widget in Blog”.

Setting your Web or Blog a Home Page on the internet browser

What was the purpose of the Home Page above? This way, if you run an internet browser, will automatically open a web page (depending on the setting actually does), well that’s what the call the site home page. It is better this home page in the settings for your own website or blog. Confused … how to setting? Oh still confused? Here’s how:

For Internet Explorer

  1. Please run its internet explorer.
  2. Look at the top, there is a bar menu. Click the “Tools” menu and select “Internet Options”.
  3. After its exit option, make sure you are on the General tab, write your blog address in the fields. e.g. https://www.asep.id. Click the Apply button and then click the OK button.
  4. Done. Now each time you open the internet, your blog will be directly in the visit.

For FireFox users essentially the same, similar-similar steps:

For Firefox 3:

  1. Please run Firefox it.
  2. Click the Tools menu, click Options …
  3. After the exit options, click the Main tab. Fill in the name of the home page with the address of your blog. click the OK button. Done.

Make your blog entry about the Titans

By you making posts about the Titans, then the loyal visitors to your blog would be interested in using the tool alexa, is certainly advantageous because the data is entered into the Titans will be very smooth.

Increase the number of visitors to your blog.

Alexa rank is a ranking based on number of visits to a website or blog, then of course the more visitors your website or blog, Alexa rank, the better.

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