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Sex.com World's Most Expensive Site

Still remember the domain sex.com sold the previous owner? Yes, finally the controversial official site sold for 8.2 million Pounds. By the Guinness Book of Records, that price makes sex.com, as the site of the most expensive in the world.

Sales of this domain is mediated by Sedo and beat the price of another domain such as Vodka.com, Pizza.com and Russia.com. So that was launched by Softpedia, Thursday (02/24/2011).

According to Kathy Nielsen, Director of Sales Sedo, the sale of Sex.com is truly a team effort. Sedo also feel flattered that Guinness World Records has recognized it as the most expensive Internet domain sales record.

The owner of the most famous domain in this virtual world, Escom LLC, threatened bankruptcy. It can not be separated from their failure to pay the debt when buying a domain name is legendary.

Company based in Los Angeles that bought the domain Sex.com in 2006 with $ 14 million price, but for failing to pay the debt, the manager finally decided to sell it back.

Just know, Sex.com was first registered in 1994 by Gary Kremen, who finally found Match.com.

A year later a dispute because of Stephen Cohen’s claim as the owner of that domain, so go to trial ended in 2006. And the court set the first owner of Kremen as the domain sex.com.

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