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VMware Presents Zimbra 7

Virtualization and infrastructure solutions provider VMware announced the launch cloud latest version of the VMware platform email and collaboration Zimbra 7.

Users also can download the Zimbra Collaboration Server 7 (formerly Zimbra Collaboration Suite) with a beta version of VMware VMware Zimbra Desktop Zimbra Appliance 7 and 7 in http://www.zimbra.com/downloads.

VMware Features Zimbra 7 among others have the ability to share data, calendar functions and search an expanded and a number of improvements in management features for both IT and end users.

Jim Morrisroe, Vice President of Products VMware said Zimbra, Zimbra VMware continues to be a collaborative enterprise solution that grows rapidly, has now reached 66 million paid mailboxes.

“VMware Zimbra has been used in more than 200,000 organizations as the next-generation collaboration platform choice,” he said, in a written statement quoted on Tuesday (22/02/2011).

By Erin K. Traudt, Research Director, Collaboration & Social Enterprise Solutions Program to IDC, enter the mailbox (inbox) the enterprise is changing dramatically.

“The social impact of media and the emergence of new types of mobile workers creates demand for new generation of collaboration platforms. The concept of ‘sharing more, sending less’ becomes a key capability that should be considered enterprise when they arm the workforce with business communication tool,” added Traudt.

Here are some new capabilities vmware Zimbra 7:

-. VMware Zimbra Briefcase 7 comes a function to store and share files in the cloud as well as lightweight document management that can be controlled directly from Zimbra. Users can upload and access multiple versions of files Briefcase or document, with the function ‘check in’ and ‘check out’ to simplify document management and collaboration.

-. Through the function of ‘People Search’, users can access a list of contacts, organizational structure, as well as other documents simultaneously. Users can also forward the name of a contact as vCard to facilitate sharing of information.

-. Administrator functions are more fully through the system administrator delegate various levels such as distribution list management allows administrators to set parameters, thereby reducing spam.

-. VMware supports Zimbra mobile sync app, e-mail in HTML format and automatic synchronization tags or flags in the email, as well as providing access to the Blackberry Enterprise Server 5.0 via VMware Zimbra Connector for Blackberry 7.0 with the ability to synchronize email, address book, calendar and tasks.

-. Management inbox

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