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Google Prepare Radical Changes to Chrome Browser

chrome logoInternet giant Google plans to radically upgrade its Google Chrome browser.

Telegraph, Tuesday (22/02/2011), to report if the software developer Google is preparing some significant changes to the popular web browser. Several sources close to Google explains Chrome address bar currently spend quite a lot of places.

One of Google’s plans is to display the address bar only when a user directs their mouse pointer to a specific section on the screen.

As described on their site, one of two key focus of the development of Chrome this time is to remove the address bar of each tab and provides more space on the screen to display web pages.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 outputs also have adopted a similar approach. However, Chrome reportedly will develop a more radical version, which is by giving the entire space on the screen for web browsing.

Google Chrome also increases the use of applications, such as what the web that the user can set their Twitter account.

More than 120 million users currently use Google Chrome as their browser. Google reportedly also develop Chrome OS to rival Microsoft’s Windows.

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