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Primerica – Invest for the Future – Pay Yourself First

If you want financial security in your life, the first step is not more money. It is to give priority to your own self, which means that you should give more value to the future of your family than the electricity company, the house rent and other expenses. Primerica considers that giving priority to you is the ideal way to realize financial safety.

Primerica believes that for a comprehensive savings program you should have three kinds of accounts – Short Term Savings that lets your cover expenses for computer, vacations and others, Emergency Fund to cover unpredicted emergencies and Long Term Savings to cover kid’s college expenses, retirement needs and more.

And, if you feel that you are not disciplined enough, then you have the option of direct deposit. When you have money, there is an irresistible temptation to spend it. Hence, it is necessary that you take your money from the wallet before it is all spent out. Primerica gives you an easy way to move a fixed amount of your salary to get deposited into your investment or savings account. You can cant more information regarding direct deposit from a Primerica representative.

One mistake that most people make is thinking that they have no money for saving purpose. In case you are earning, then saving is all dependent upon how you are spending your income. A little money can be kept aside every month, if you can make future saving a priority. The earlier you start the lesser money you need to save every month.

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