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Verify Paypal with Easy, Fast and Secure

7 easy ways to verify paypal email

Easy way:

  1. The first we have to make a paypal account at paypal [dot] com
  2. Continue to follow the next steps to complete (for easier, use Indonesian) that must be considered ie, the data we input the original data.
    Choose a premium account; ignore the credit card form filling. Use a special email or international mail forwarding, do not use facebook email, blogging or other.
  3. If completed, our paypal account is still unverified.
  4. our paypal account logout, then log into our email earlier. Create a new email with the title Please verified my account with the destination address webform @ APAC [dot] paypal [dot] com and create a bank account and ID card attached. (Picture not of a critical need clearly legible)
  5. contents of his email please copy / paste it:dear admin,
    i attach my document:
    1. My statement
    2. My ID card
    thanks for your attention
  6. Then sent and wait 2-3 days the status of your paypal account will become verified.Like this return:Nxxxx Dear xxxxx,
    Thank you for Contacting paypal in regard to the verify the account issue.
    We have verified your paypal account now.
    Thank you for using PayPal for your online payment needs.



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    Consumer advisory: Paypal Pte Ltd is regarded as a stored value facility
    Monetary Authority of Singapore. You are advised to read the terms and
    conditions carefully.

  7. Please try and hopefully his / her account immediately verified.
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