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The Most Amazing Cliff in the World

The Slot Canyons

The slot canyons of Arizona can only be taken one hour drive from Grand Canyon is more famous, and this is really unique. They do not much emerged from the soil surface, only crack in the desert, but this shows you as if he had entered another world

The Horseshoe Bend
The Horseshoe Bend, named because the shape is almost circular and resembles a horseshoe, was found in the Colorado River. From the canyon walls to the river is 1000 feet. Truly spectacular.

Grand Canyon

This is the world’s most famous cliffs, Grand Canyon, also found in the Colorado River. While not the deepest or largest in the world, it offers an incredible snapshot in the history of North American geology

Bryce Canyon

Erosion is happening in Bryce Canyon, Utah, has created some of the most beautiful geological structures on the planet. This ‘hoodoos’ is up to the high 200kaki. The night sky above the cliff is one of the darkest in North America, so popular with stargazers. Up to 7500 stars visible to the naked eye

Havasu Canyon

Havasu Canyon in Arizona is one bit of heaven on earth. Considered a sacred place by the Havasupai people, not difficult to see why. With its turquoise waters, stunning waterfall pool and shady, Havasu Canyon is one of the most magical places in North America

Tara River Canyon

With a length of 82 km, Tara River Canyon is the longest in Europe (and the second longest canyon in the world). Meander through Montenegro and reached 1300m depth, this is a protected World Heritage Site

Fish River Canyon

The Fish River, has a length of about 650 kilometers, and is the longest river in Namibia. The Fish River Canyon in Namibia is reputedly the world’s second largest bank. This place is also home to the most famous climb in South Africa

Wulingyuan Canyon

Wulingyuan in China remind Bryce Canyon Canyon but with her own beauty. More than 3000 pillars of sand up to 800m from the tower base densely-forested valley, with trees attached at their sides. Similar to the movie setting Avatar

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Thank to Thomas, who has highlighted the grand cliffs of Yellowstone, in Wyoming. This gap has a depth of 900 meters and half a mile wide

Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon is actually composed of 6 cliff and is located in Chihuahua in Mexico, and at least four times larger than the Grand Canyon which is more famous! The name actually comes from the copper / green color of the cliff wall

Green Canyon Pangandaran

Unlike in the United States Grand Canyon, Green Canyon is full of green trees, with river width of approximately five to ten feet in the middle of canyon. Travel along this canyon using a motor boat that can be loaded 5. Initially the right side and left quite open canyon, but then through high cliffs and closed, and a waterfall.

Until at some point the boat stopped, because there are no impassable rapids boat. At this point there is a fairly large rock, can stand on and of course the arena to take pictures. Behind this there is a cliff rocks forming the roof, with a background beam beautiful sunshine.

Credit: KASKUS

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