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Mobile Phone Secret code (Nokia and SonyEricsson)

Mobile secret code is required to know if it wanted to be an expert mobile phones freak, also most common in use than have to know the term mobile phone, either to counter mobile phone owner, broker or as a guide to buy mobile phones second. And if not happy others can be downloaded here. So knowing how to care for mobile battery is not enough, especially if you like to play mobile phones hack.

Nokia Access Code

Sony Ericsson’s access code


Storing numbers “Missed Call” on the phone directory.
Find the “Missed Call”, press “Yes” to display the destination number. Press any number (0 through 9), then press “clear” once to block the number, then press and hold “‘ 2 times to choose “Hide Id?” And press ‘Yes’.

Checking the battery level when phone is turned off (off).
Press ‘No’ quick 1 x and wait until the battery display visible.

Save the number in the phone memory (not SIM Card).
Follow the normal procedures to store numbers. When the display to save the visible press ‘#’ once and the desired location, or press ‘#’ 2 times to see the advanced position.

Contact number of SMS messages.
Directing the cursor on the number that is written, then press “Yes”.

Shortcut Picture Appearance:

(Applicable in most Symbian phones).

When viewing images or pictures in the gallery, press:

1: to rotate the image to the left.
2: to rotate the image to the right.
5 or 7: to enlarge (zoom) images.
*: For the non-fullscreen or fullscreen.
Note: orders above figures may vary by phone.

Hard Reset:

Warning! All mobile data will be lost.
In the state of the phone off (off), simultaneously press the phone button (talk), number 3, and the * (asterisk). Then in a state of pressing the third button, press the On button. This trick applies in most Nokia phones.

Additional Update Nokia GSM

Nokia 21xx

Code Explanation

Nokia 32xx

Code Explanation

Nokia 51xx

Code Explanation

Nokia 61xx

Code Explanation

Nokia 81xx

Code Explanation

Nokia 88xx

Code Explanation

Nokia 90xx

Code Explanation

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