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Forms Genuine City of Aryans!

Archaeologists had found the city believed the Aryan race in the original place where the swastika symbol adopted by the Nazis in 1930. This place has the potential to rival Greece.

Archaeologists identified 20 settlements spiral that could have been built four thousand years ago after the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

Buildings in the city are believed to be occupied by the original Aryan race where they adopted the Nazi swastika symbol in 1930.

TV historian, Bettany Hughes explore remote parts of Kazakhstan’s border on the BBC Radio program this summer, reports the Daily Mail.

“This place is great potential to compete even Greece, where it might be a big piece of the puzzle missing,” he added.

Because this place is very remote, this amazing city would remain virtually unknown to Europeans until now.

The city is almost the size of the old city of Greece and possibly inhabited by 1000-2000 people.

Head archeologist Gennady Zdanovich Hughes was the one who pushed it went into wide areas. Prof. Zdanovich who know the existence of the buried city.

Hughes research fellow at King’s College London adds, “Prof Zdanovich brought into this vast area of grass and who would have thought there was something special on underneath.”

“Prof. Zdanovich pointed toward the ground and suddenly I realized was walking through the town were buried. Ancient Indian texts and hymns to be found there described the sacrifice of horses, and how the horse was buried with his master. ”

“This is very suitable to the skull found in Russia.

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