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Coffee Aceh

COFFEE Aceh is famous for the taste and benefits. Thick Aceh coffee will be increasingly felt in the tongue when it collaborated with white sugar plus milk or even a chicken egg yolk. Especially when a duck egg yolk is taken to be the main combinations are served hot coffee.

“Yes, the egg or the coffee mix sugar taste just did other than instant coffee on the market. Special Aceh coffee mixed with duck eggs, emhhh feels solid. And it is very feasible for young children who like to stay up that strengthens the body’s condition, “said a student of a private university in Banda Aceh.

In my opinion, a cup of coffee in Aceh this price is very affordable for student’s pocket. For that almost every day I consume coffee Gampoeng (village) because I like to stay up and certainly need a subject that can be maintained. I used to bring other colleagues to enjoy a night in the region of Banda Aceh Jambo Tape while accompanied by a cup of coffee.

Dish that is very familiar with a cup of coffee in Aceh is a plate of bread Cane combined with a special sauce. Many Jambo Kupi (Warkop) provide various kinds of special sauce, no taste durian, milk, strawberry, apple juice or grape juice.

Every scrap of bread Cane this will be more fitting in when it touched the tongue-shaped pasta sauce with flavors that we like. If my example, I love bread Cane combined with condensed milk sauce.

With a soft taste, continues when touched to the sauce of milk, of course it’s going to make the image blend consumers continue to spend the bread Cane until the last corner.

Special durian lovers, pasta taste durian would be the main alternative. Each durian fruit which would be the pasta, smoothed first and then stirring until evenly so it feels really pure and very soft.
Besides bread pasta Cane with fruit flavor, some Cane bread mixed with curry goat, well Cane bread is excellent for special food lovers Aceh. About the price varies between Rp 9,000 to Rp 23,000 depending on the taste of which one will be selected consumer
If you’ve been in Aceh, it never hurts to try

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