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Caring for Laptop Charger

Charger is an important component for a laptop; therefore we need to take care of this vital component for longevity.

The following TIPS how to care for a laptop charger in my version

  1. Do not connect the charger to power with a voltage above 240V (in general, the charger is limited in range 100-240V), but the voltage of electricity in general 220V
  2. If the store charger, cable reels do not get an angle that is too small, as this will make the copper inside the cable broke.
  3. If the use of long, keep the charger stays cool ((if my laptop charger, I put it on the floor)
  4. at the end of the cable give the duct tape or something to prevent the cables from the arch with a small angle.
  5. Unplug the charger from the socket when the charger is not used anymore
  6. Try not to fall charger (hard collisions), because this will damage the components inside the charger adapter.

Hopefully with TIPS how to care for a laptop charger your Charger can all be durable battery for dell latitude e6400 atg

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