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Laptop Battery Calibration Technique and Correct Way to Maintain

I created this article based on references from various books and my experience that I really honestly serve with for the benefit of citizens of the world.

My references from laptop magazine PC M * LD and several other computer books and personal experiences.

Not need to say much, let us begin.

1. Don’t turn off the laptop in battery conditions <40% Of the books I read in a book bazaar in downtown, sorry forgot the name of his book, this causes permanent damage to the battery.

2. Don’t charge until the fullness of time the laptop died Conducting charge fullness proven to cause long battery life is reduced. Technically I did not know but I've proved and my friends were also proved. Especially the custom charges a laptop and then left to sleep and wake pagi2 after we led is already a sign of laptop battery is full.

3. Do not remove the battery when the laptop is turned on (AC mode)

  • AC Mode without battery allows any damage to the motherboard due to unstable power / electricity died suddenly, and if the motherboard is damaged just the same as the overall damage to the laptop. But it does save battery life (Indeed, because not used, yes it certainly durable battery)
  • AC Mode with battery allowing a decline in the quality of the battery but it is very safe for the health of your laptop in case of sudden power failure. So I advise you not to remove the battery when using a laptop

    Choose which one? Select a motherboard or battery that is damaged?

4. Remove the laptop battery if the laptop is not used for a prolonged period (> 24 hours)

5. Perform calibration charge the battery every 30 times (default)
Calibration is used for accurate calculation of battery.

Here’s how:

  • Charge your laptop up to full (100%) and let it charge cable plugged in for 2 hours while the laptop is used for activities
  • Enable hibernate system
  • Settings for the system run automatically hibernate when the laptop battery has run out (critical battery)
  • Use a laptop with your activities and wait until the battery runs out and the system hibernate done
  • During hibernation, let stand a laptop for + – 8 hours with battery condition remains stuck
  • After 8 hours, the charge for up to a full laptop but the laptop was still hibernating condition (not turned on).


Use the software for battery care not bother to count how many times do we charge a laptop battery. Because this software will record up to read how many times do we charge a laptop battery. Download Here

Credit: KASKUS

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