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Tips for Trivial Problems that Occur on a Laptop

  1. If the laptop does get wet [except if intentionally soaked, do not be repaired anymore might as well add the detergent].This is the reply that has a careless laptop, the laptop was bathed, did not fit, but if it happens and laptops intruding water then do not panic, do the following steps:

    Take your cigarette and turn it on and suck (kidding). Unplug the laptop adapter and immediately remove the laptop battery from his body, so don’t happen short circuit inside the laptop. The second step is to dismantle the section hit the water and dry. Do not uses a heater tool like a hair dryer, preferably in the towel and dried in dry air and wait until dry benar2 just plug it in again.

  2. If the laptop was suddenly dead, (the restart still be able to live longer), usually because of overheating processor. Maybe canal / clogged air circulation, (also check the settings in Power option to control panel, there may be the setting changed.) Check the temperature of the laptop, and make sure exhaust air out smoothly all, if the laptop is too hot, then use the external cooling fan. cause there may be further damaged hardware.
  3. If the program is not responding, then try to close the application from the Windows Task Manager, by pressing the Ctrl-Alt-Del simultaneously and then select the applications that are not responding and click End Task!
  4. If laptop cannot boot, “Disk boot failure”, try to restart the laptop again, if still equal, it means the boot failure occurs because of some things, like the hard drive is damaged or corrupted operating system [defaced a virus / trojan]. The next step is to check whether or not detected hard drive via the BIOS [press Del or F2] when restarting. If the hard drive fine, reinstall / repair the operating system, because the operating system is damaged.But if the hard drive is not in detect, and then check the hard drive socket, the pins hard. Then try restarting again. If the above is repeated, then the hard drive needs to be replaced a new laptop, because the hard drive was about to retire

credit: KASKUS

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