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Powerful Web Server Using nginx, php5 FastCGI, xcache on ubuntu

Nginx is a powerful web server. few large sites start using this web server. This web server is superior in terms of memory usage and requests can be served

Comparison of the number of requests Apache web server, lighttpd and nginx

From the chart above, it appears that Nginx can serve more requests than the other web server.

In terms of memory usage, nginx also not less powerful in this regard.

Comparison of memory usage

wow .. amazing ..

To install nginx, it can be done easily. I’m using ubuntu linux maverick 10:10

1. Install nginx, php5-fpm, php5-xcache, php5-mysql

2. Run service php5 fastcgi dan nginx

php5-fpm is the service to run php as FastCGI. This service will open port 9000. whereas Nginx is a webserver that uses a standard web server port of 80. check port 80 and 9000 whether or not already listen

port 80 and port 9000 already listen

3. Change the nginx configuration for processing documents with extensi.php to be processed by php-FastCGI service

Please be as follows, namely by removing the remark and changing some directory locations.

4. Restart nginx #service nginx restart 5. We test. Create the file /var/www/info.php with the following contents:

Access via browser http://localhost/info.php

TIME benchmarking

Let us compare the performance between the apache with nginx. tool use is apache-bench. This tool is included in the package apache2-utils. how to check:

Nginx result:

Turn off nginx, restart apache and this is the test results.

Apache Results

So little information about how Powerful Web Server Using nginx, php5 FastCGI, xcache on ubuntu 10.10 that when compared to Apache

source: taujago.web.id

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