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How to Optimize Speed Up Booting Ubuntu

Here I will present how to optimize speed up booting UBuntu, so not much time is wasted just waiting for us ever booting ubuntu

If you feel slow booting Ubuntu, try some of these tricks.

1. Using preload package

preload is a package that is used to optimize the boot process and startup applications. To install the preload run this command in a terminal:

Once installed preload will walk alone, you do not need any configuration, because the developer has optimize preload. Or if you want to know the configuration, open files in /etc/preload.conf

2. Using the profile option on the Grub

You can also create profile your boot, so that future booting will read the saved profile file. To create a profile on the grub boot screen, press e on line

at the end of the line add the profile. Then press b to booting your system. When the boot process, boot the system will learn what is being done and then will read it back to the booting process next.

3. Disabling IPv6 (if not used)

By default, Ubuntu activate the IPv6 protocol, you must create a file to block this protocol. Type this command in terminal

then add the line alias net-pf-10 off then quit with SAVE it, how to: control + c then type “: wq”

4. Using prelink package

  • install prelink package with the command in terminal
  • then open the prelink configuration file with the command
  • Change the line PRELINKING = unknown becomes PRELINKING = yes
  • To run the prelink run the command in terminal
  • Next prelink will run a quick prelink every day, usually at night (less than 1 minute), while every 14 days full prelink will run. You can change these prelink time in crontab

5. Enabling multi-processing (special dual core)

If you have a computer with dual core processor, you can use it to process for faster booting. Open your terminal, then edit the rc file with the command in terminal

In line CONCURRENCY=none change into CONCURRENCY=shell, then exit with his SAVE it, how to: control + c then type “: wq”

Concurrency own means to do together, in this case the boot process will be conducted simultaneously by two processors so that it could be faster.

Hopefully this tutorial How to Optimize Speed Up Booting Ubuntu, your Ubuntu operating system become more comfortable to wear

source: jauhdimata

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