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Litespeed Web Server

Litespeed Web server is a new technology that was created to replace the Apache Web Server in the future. Litespeed according to research results has the advantage that is 50% faster in processing the PHP and 6x faster than the Apache Web Server.

Some of the advantages Litespeed Web server:

  1. Restrictions HTTP request validation
  2. Anti-DDoS
  3. Prevention System Overloading
  4. Recover from failure to directly and automatically
  5. Compatible with Cpanel, Plesk and Direct Admin
  6. Support compatibility with mod_security filtering request
  7. Compatible with Apache .htaccess
  8. Restart without any Down Time
  9. Migration from other web servers is very fast and easy

We have had many shared hosting providers, VPS and dedicated servers that have implemented licensing LiteSpeed ​​for their service

Suitable for servers that require extra performance.

Instead of renting a large server specification, consider using litespeed web server.

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