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10 Mistakes are often made by novice Linux (newbie)

New desktop Linux users often make many mistakes, and this may happen to us all who have recently moved to Linux. Not easy to do if you have to move from one operating system so long we use, such as Windows, the Linux operating system that is clearly very different.

Below are 10 common mistakes often made by the beginner Linux (newbie) when they use Linux. By knowing the common mistakes, it is hoped will be able to slightly reduce the sense of ‘frustration’ with Linux.

Assume are using Windows

On average, than we know of Windows since the first time we know the computer so it is not strange if once we move to Linux, we always compare everything that is on Windows must be the same as the one on Linux. Whereas between Windows and Linux are two different operating systems so that it works would not be exactly the same.

Trying to run exe files

Exe files will not be able to run on Linux unless you have installed the program WINE. This often makes new users frustrated because they could not use or install Windows applications on Linux. Back to point number one that Linux is an operating system that works differently with Windows.

Choosing a distribution (distro) of Linux

One of the major problems faced by new users are choosing the wrong Linux distribution. Imagine a new user who chose Gentoo or Slackware or Fedora, though all three distributions of Linux is pretty good distro, but for new users are not likely to make them feel at home using it. Use a Linux distribution created specifically for new users.

Unable to find software

The new users are many who migrate from Windows, and they expect to get the new software the same as in Windows. In Linux a bit different, new users need to know the package management tools from Linux distribution they use, such as Synaptic, Ubuntu PackageKit and Software Center. With the tool that eventually we can find and install a variety of software.

Sending OpenOffice document to Microsoft Office users in the default format

This happens because many new users in Linux they think the documents created and saved by default using OpenOffice can be automatically opened by a user of Microsoft Office. If there are cases like that then do not save it by default, but use the Save As (Save As) and choose the document formats for Microsoft Office (.Doc or .Xls).

Avoid the command line

Do not be shy and lazy to learn the command line in Linux, because once we know the ‘miracle’ command line we will be more comfortable using Linux. This is where a lot going on, new users shy and lazy to use the command line and prefer a graphical command.

Too quick surrender

Many of us may never experience this. Assume Linux is difficult to learn and use, so only use it within a few hours only to give up and immediately thought back to using Windows. Could be due to normal, that’s a wise sentence that invites us to get things in order.

Hierarchy thinks exactly the same Windows directory on Linux

There is no C: on Linux or also the character “” or the use of space for file names. To remember is that in Linux everything starts from the / user directory and the most important is their home directory (aka ~/ aka /home/USERNAME /).

Delaying updates

The mistake was not only done by new users only, but the old user and admin classmates too much to delay the update. Whereas with a regular update our Linux system will ensure a safer system.

Login to the system as root

Do not log into the system as root, but as a normal user login and use the root account only when really needed it.

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