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Access File Sharing Windows From Ubuntu Using Samba

samba ubuntuSharing files is a necessity that can not be avoided within a local area network, where we can do share files search or we can share our files. Here I have to say how to Access File Sharing Windows From Ubuntu Using Samba

Try to do this step:

1. Login as Root

2. Then install the samba and smbclient

3. After a fine install try this command to check Samba

If the road, it would appear as follows

Less is more as above

Then create a folder

Then Mount Folders on Share or you want to access on Windows

This example is taking Share Music for the Mount on Linux

Now if access file sharing from Windows to Linux

First make sure Linux installed samba

Then edit the file smb.conf

Well its simple smb.conf content like this

setting it simple … Now if try to restart his save smb.conf

If there is no error, just access from windows

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