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Export and Import Great MySQL Database on Linux

We are often difficult to backup a database that may have been walking for years, finally have a big size.

Examples of cases we want to move hosting to another hosting site, or any other VPS to VPS, etc.

because most hosting/VPS have linux operating system, I demonstrated here using Debian Linux distributions.

Let’s just say we’ll Database Size backup has a size of about 1 Gb, certainly there will be trouble, if we make the process of export & import with:

  • phpmyadmin (hang & error)
  • sql GUI (error)
  • or any copy of the / var / lib / mysql (often errors)
  • or else with a SQL command without compression (will be difficult for the backup process, because the *. sql files are large)

We will apply is the combined use of compression Linux & SQL command

  • E.g. for the two servers I consider to have the same criteria:
  • e.g. export server IP address:
  • e.g. import server IP address:
  • database name is: “school” (without quotation marks “”)
  • username root mysql: root
  • mysql root password: admin
  • Our database will backup the folder /var/www/
  • backup file name: data

Login as root on linux database that will be contained in the backup (export)

Run the following command:

Then confirm the password will appear, type your MySQL root password

Wait a few moments to complete, the backup process is running, after the process is complete, will return to the console again

Okay now moved to import destination, login as root in linux destination

Then create a database with the name of the school is as follows:

Prompt appears for the root user password mysql

Mysql console will appear

Will come back to the console prompt & mysql, type exit

Then to simplify lawyer sql backup copies of files from old server to new server, do the following command:

The download process will start, if completed would be to return to the console:

And data.sql.gz files will be in the /root/

Now start import process is as follows:

Database import process will run, and when completed will be returned to the console:

Has successfully completed a database on export from the old server, and the import to a new server with success.

Credit: KASKUS

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