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Jolicloud OS for Netbook

Jolicloud is a Linux-based OS for netbooks developed by Tariq Cream. OS is currently in beta stage of pre-introduced since 2009 last year

By combining the Ubuntu 9.04 and mozilla prism-based packages, Jolicloud not only have a cloud-based applications like Chrome the OS, but also aplikasi2 desktop, and of course Jolicloud can run windows based software2 using WINE

Jolicloud very fitting for netbook users who want to experience more speed, especially when to play the internet, I was browsing here open the open anything onemanga or more cepet from windows XP

And for a little less of his knowledge of linux, no need to bother learning software to install linux, because Jolicloud provide features that make it easier in installing the software, just to register after installing Jolicloud in netbooks, we can directly download and install various kinds of software from my Jolicloud app directory

Although currently still in pre-beta stage, Jolicloud already compatible with many types of netbooks from various brands, Jolicloud claim if they already support 98% of species that have been circulating netbook

For those who do not escape from mincrosoft windows, Jolicloud provide Jolicloud Express installer, which can make a dual boot netbook as easy as installing software and even “as easy to uninstall software uninstall windows in general, to install Jolicloud Express only requires a minimum of 4GB , of course, would be added later if the various applications must be greater than 4GB

Jolicloud also provides social networking features where we can interact among fellow users Jolicloud

Jolicloud can be downloaded at http://www.jolicloud.com/

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