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Apparently Computers Have Sex

Believe it or not, it turns every computer that has a gender. To find a computer that we have had sex boy or girl, can we Find out this way:

  1. Open notepad (“start” -> “all programs” -> “accessories” -> “notepad”)
  2. Enter this command: CreateObject (“SAPI.SpVoice”). Speak “I love YOU”
  3. Save the file as “iloveu.vbs” (*. vbs important let the program path)
  4. Double-click the file that you have created
  5. Listen to his voice…. we can replace the words with which I replace the sentence in quotation marks “…” (As said I love YOU)

Proceed as recommended ways..

If his voice girl, it means that your computer was a girl. Vice versa, if his voice guy, it means your computer is a guy.
Well, good luck

credit: KASKUS

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