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4 Strange Happenings in the World

In this world there a lot of unique phenomena which are sometimes very difficult to explain by logic, even till now so many events that can not be explained by logic. Among the events serve targeted, there are four events, recorded in the modern world (at least until the year 1518), and all these events can not be entirely explained by logic.

1. Dancing Death

dancing deathJuly 1518, a woman named Frau Troffea walked in one narrow street in Strasbourg, France, and began to dance that lasted for about four or six consecutive days. At the end of the week, 34 people participated in the dance, and in a month, participants of this bizarre dance 400.

Officials advised to “dancing more often” to heal the dancers, but at the end of summer, people in the city lusian Alsatian died of a heart attack, stroke, exhaustion because the dances are not stopped altogether. For several centuries, the strange happenings so-called dancing plague or epidemic in 1518, the same can not be explained by different scientists about what caused the strange dance of death and magic.

2. Tanganyika Laughter Epidemic

Perhaps the most bizarre events which succeeded in documenting the mass psychogenic illness is Laughter Epidemic Tanganyika in 1962. Complete incidence of this condition is described in a paper published in the Central African Journal of Medicine published in 1963. This outbreak began with the joke among the students in one dormitory in Tanzania, and from it, one girl began to laugh uncontrollably. First there was little laughter, which then grew longer, than just hours, days and days.

Victims of this outbreak, which almost all of them are women, finally experiencing pain, fainting, breathing problems, hives and even cry, all of which appear due to hysterical laughter. Even the outbreak of this contagious laughter to the parents of the students, as well as to other schools and even into the surrounding villages. It took 18 months before the outbreak was stopped a total laugh.

3. Animals Rain

This unique occurrence is probably the most common occurrence in the world. Rain birds, bats, fish, and even worms and tadpoles have been reported from several parts of the world. The scientists reported that most likely there is a storm with high velocity tornado passing through the water, and suck this animal, then dropped at distant places.

For nearly a century, the population of Honduras for almost a century was celebrating what he called the Lluvia de Peces (Fish Rain) each year. This fish is believed sucked from the sea and dropped to 140 miles inland, or maybe a kind of fish is sucked from the water source under the stand.

4. Most polluted river in India has suddenly become ‘sweet’

2006, sea water coming into Mumbai, suddenly transformed into a sweet taste, and this phenomenon founded by some Mumbai residents who suddenly feel the water in the Mahim Creek River, one of the most polluted rivers in India, which receives thousands of tons of raw waste and industrial waste every day it suddenly becomes sweet. For several hours, residents of Gujarat said that sea water at the beach Teethal also turned sweet.

Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board) has issued a warning that there are no residents who drank water, but still, many people collect water in bottles, although a lot of garbage and plastic that go drifting in the currents that exist. At about 2 am the next morning, the citizens of the guard began to recognize that the water had turned salty sweet again.

Credit IDWS

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