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10 Facts About Dreams

10 Facts About Dreams10. Blind people dreaming

Humans who become blind after birth can see images in their dreams. Humans are born blind do not see any pictures, but has a dream like sound, smell, touch and emotion.

9. You forgot your dreams 90% natural.

Within five minutes of waking, half of your dream will be forgotten.

8. All people dream

Every human being dreams (except in cases of psychological disorder wow). But women and men have a physical reaction and dream. Men tend to dream about another man, while women tend to dream about men and women.

7. Dreams prevent madness

In a study about a dream recently, students who wake up at the beginning of his dream, but still allowed to sleep for eight hours, all experienced difficulty in concentration, irritability, hallucinations, and signs of insanity after only three days.

6. We can only dream about what we know

We dream so often filled with strangers who play certain roles – you know that your mind does not create those faces – it was the original faces of the people who you’ve seen in your life but you probably do not know or forget? Killer demon in your last dream was the man who might fill the oil into your dad’s car when you were kids. We have seen hundreds or thousands of faces throughout our lives, so we have a stock of characters to use our brain during dreaming.

5. Not all people dream in color

As many as 12% of people who could see the dream in black and white. The rest had a dream in the original color. Humans also tend to have a common theme in the dream, that circumstances associated with the school, being chased, running slowly / in place, sexual experiences, falling, too late, someone who is still alive but died later, teeth falling out, flying, failing an exam, or a car accident .

4. Dreams are not as depicted in the dream

If you dream of my neighbor a thing, does not mean that the dream is about it. Dreams speak in a complex symbolic language. The subconscious mind tries to compare your dream with something similar. Like writing poetry and said that a group of ants is like a machine which never stops working.

3. People who stop smoking have more real dream

People who smoke in a long time but had stopped smoking, is reported to have a dream more real than that normally experienced when they were still smoking. According, Journal of Psychological weird: “Among 293 smokers who quit for one to four weeks, 33% had smoked at least one dream neighbor. Dreaming about smoking is the result of the effects of tobacco who came out, like 97% do not have dreams about smoking when they smoking.

2. Outside stimuli invade our dreams

This is called the merging of dream and an experience which many of us experienced a voice in our dreams and joined in several ways. A similar example may occur if you are physically thirsty and your mind to combine that feeling into your dreams. My personal experience of this includes repeatedly drinking a large glass of water who until satisfied, then finally we are thirsty, then drink again etc. .. repeatedly until we wake up and drink the water is real. Famous pictures above (Dream happened because bees are flying around a pomegranate a moment before getting up) by Salvador Dali, illustrates this concept.

1. You are paralyzed when he sleeps

Believe it or not, your body was paralyzed during sleep – is likely to prevent your body to act out aspects of your dreams. According to the Wikipedia article in this dream, “Glands begin issuing a hormone that helps the process to sleep and neurons send signals to the spinal cord that causes the body to be calm and later became paralyzed.

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