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Android L Lollipop in Moto G is Available Now

android lolipop

After a long awaited , finally an update of Android 5.0.2 Lollipop is present also in the Motorola Moto G first generation. This update is available via over the air ( OTA ) .

Keep in mind, this OTA update will only be available at Moto G which runs stock recovery. If you are already using a custom recovery then it should be returned first to the initial conditions to get this update.

File updates that need to be downloaded to get this update is about 350 Mb. And Motorola recommends to use a stable WiFi connection to download it.

The installation process takes about 15 minutes ( not including the download time ). Make sure the battery Moto G has filled more than half before the installation process.

In a page on Motorola’s website mentioned a number of new things that will be obtained after performing this update. As a brand-new user interface ( Materials Design ), also display notifications on the lock screen as Android Lollipop in general.

Motorola also claims to be an increase in performance on the Moto G. Section, with Lollipop this phone will run Android Runtime brand-new, which is touted to have higher performance, even though it requires a larger data storage.

Lollipop presence for this Motorola mobile phones which had been pending for some time. The company is now owned by Lenovo was argued that the number of bugs in the application Lollipop on Motorola phones are the cause.

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