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Officially Launched , Windows 10 is Free of Charge

windows10 logoAfter only a few months ago announced , Windows 10 was officially launched by Microsoft . A number of reforms were brought by Microsoft in its latest software of Windows Operating Sistem.

In addition to ensuring the return of the start menu , Microsoft also offered a number of new features were first present in this new OS .

One such feature is Cortana . Yes , when previously this feature can only be found on the Windows Phone , Microsoft’s digital assistant it is now also be found in Windows 10. That is , any PC user will be able to feel the sophistication of Cortana .

Other features offered by Microsoft in Windows 10 is the presence of a new browser called Spartan . The internet browser application also likely replace the Internet Explorer browser which is a mainstay of Microsoft . In addition to have a fresh look , the Spartans also claimed to be a lightweight application .

Interestingly , Microsoft promises Windows 10 will be distributed free of charge to users . Unfortunately it is only applicable for users who are now using Windows 7 or Windows 8 .

So for users of Windows 7 or Windows 8 will just make the upgrade. Even so , this offer is only valid until the next year . After that new users to upgrade to Windows 10 then have to buy .

But though it was officially launched , Microsoft has yet to explain when Windows 10 launched to the market . Because as quoted from PC World , Thursday ( 22/01/2015 ) , starting next week will spread the new Microsoft Windows 10 Preview Build version .

Version of Windows 10 is not final , but the introduction of version for users at once is to obtain input regarding new updates are present in Windows 10 .

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