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OpenBSD 5.2 Web Server: Nginx + MySql + PHP-FPM

openbsdIf you already trying to setup an OpenBSB Webserver using Apache + MySql + PHP, and now you want to replace the apache webserver with Nginx, you can follow the follong tutorial:

Step 1: Remove Apache Webserver

To remove apache webserver:

Step 2: Installing Nginx

Step 3: Intstaling PHP-FPM

Step 4: Start ONMP services automatically

put the following lines:

Step 5: Setting Up Nginx

Edit /etc/nginx/nginx.conf and add “index.php” to the line that has the other index files. The config block should look like this, but you can alter the order if you wish.

Uncomment the following block of configuration to enable nginx to forward PHP requests to php-fpm.

Step 6: Reboot OpenBSD

Once everything is installed and configured to start automatically, reboot to make sure everything starts up as expected.

Step 7: Testing

Create phpinfo file:

Open phpinfo script:

openbsd nginx
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