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Why Every Nursing Student Should Get An iPad

Every nursing student should get an iPad because of all the apps that you can get for the iPad. Whatever tools you might want to have available and whatever information you might want to be able to carry around with you at all times, the iPad can help you do that. You can get just a few apps or every app out there if you need them all. Here are some of the apps that show you why every nursing student should get an iPad.

This iPad app is a comprehensive drug database that includes both name brand and generic medication information. Every nursing student should have a resource like this handy but it doesn’t stop there. You will find images of medications so that you can recognize them on sight too. Some common procedures are explained in this app as well.

Medimath Medical Calculator
As a nursing student you are going to be using a lot of medical equations that you probably don’t know by heart. That’s not a problem when you have the Medimath Medical Calculator app. It provides you with 135 medical calculators and scoring tools. With that many to choose from, you know that the majority of your calculating needs will be covered with this one app.

The Mediquations app gives you even more information in the form of more than 200 formulas and scoring charts. Instead of having to look this information up in a clumsy textbook every time you need it you could have it right on your iPad. At least you could have it on your iPad if you had an iPad.

Micromedex Drug Information
This app has over 4500 search terms pertaining to drug information. Anything you would ever need to know you will find with this app. Generic names, directions, and contraindications will all be found here. Every student nurse needs to have a resource like this available at all times.

Med Mnemonics
This app is designed to help you memorize terms for a variety of subjects like anatomy, biochemistry, and surgery. Anything that can help you to memorize the mountains of information that you have to remember is going to be a great asset to you so you need to have this app as a nursing student. As if it couldn’t get any better, you can add some of your own terms into this app if you want to as well.

You need to learn more than the definitions of anatomy terms and this app can help. It provides you with images that feature great detail of the many parts of the body that you need to learn. This is surely going to be more interesting than trying to learn all about anatomy out of books.

These are some of the reasons why every nursing student should get an iPad. Whatever you need to know or do there is bound to be an iPad app that can help. You just need to get an iPad and start checking out all these apps.

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