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CloudLinux is Centos-Based Operating System

Some time ago I had found the debate on the WHT (webhostingtalk) who said CloudLinux is not an Operating System, but it CloudLinux is Centos-Based Operating System.

The debate starts from the understanding that CloudLinux just run the script to limit the process to get the same rations, which meant of course LVe is the division based on virtual spaces. but this debate directly through Cloud briefly as CEO of Linux itself directly provide the answer to that understanding.

Iseletsky said:

CloudLinux is an OS/Linux distribution. It uses specialized process scheduler to limit amount of resources available to group of processes.
#1. We are not dependent on process running as user. We can limit mod_php
#2. We don’t calculate / add up resources used up by processes — as this is VERY EXPENSIVE and will not work once your load is high (your process to calculate the usage will not have CPU resources to actually perform its calculations/do anything about it).
#3 It is not like 1H Hive. 1H Hive uses basic ulimits — you can achieve same results as 1H Hive by putting RLimitNProc/RLimitCPU/etc. into apache config (which are available to anyone on CentOS). This is all based on per process information. CloudLinux works with group of processes — making sure that usage is calculated for all of them together, not for one of them.

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