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Connect to the Internet Using a USB modem in Linux

I want to share how to connect to the Internet using a USB modem in Linux like Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSUSE and so on with the easiest way in the world

For the newbie linux, now do not have to worry anymore if you have trouble connecting using usb modem

Ease & speed USB modem connection can be found by using sakis3G.

Sakis3G provide ease of a USB modem setup on your linux distro.

Here Sakis3G Features:

  1. The application is very small files around 200KB
  2. Almost did not need the file dependencies
  3. The configuration process is very easy & fast.
  4. There is no installation process or changing files on your system
  5. No configuration is required: There is no need to configure wvdial, pppd, udev, or usb_modeswitch.
  6. Very user friendly for all users because the process of selecting only connection conn or disconnects.

sakis3G can be run in GUI mode, textmode or command line but it only supports GSM modems only.

Here’s the download link:

Linux 32Bit

Linux 64bit

extract the file, give execute permissions: chmod u+x sakis3g then run.

to the modem that was detected as a USB storage switches select the modem first.

Enjoy the ease in linux with connect to the Internet using a USB modem with the easiest way in the world

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