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Tips to Overcome the Google Sandbox & Returns Website in Google's Index Part 2

If your website / blog hit by penalty in the form of the Google Sandbox, we must quickly overcome because of his recovery process takes a long time and if left unchecked will create a website / blog disappeared from circulation in Google Search.

In my case, the recovery process takes between 1-1.5 months. Many websites also take up to 3 months to get recovery. Here are some tips for recovering:

  • Clean up the website of the virus / Trojan. If a virus or Trojan website, quickly overcome and do not wait time. Read my experience here to do the cleanup process. If your website / blog is not a virus / Trojan, be happy, at least a passable job:-D
  • Stop Paid Review. If you intend your business or looking for a source of income online through paid review, do this on other blogs that are dedicated to it. Building a new website to rank well it takes time and it challenges people who want to find a source of income online through paid review. BTW, do not try to cheat Google, for example, stop now for recovery but resumed again after recovery. If Google detects this behavior, the penalty becomes more severe:-D
  • Stop Paid Links. Just like a paid review, do this on other blogs that are dedicated to it. Even still intend to try this, use the process manually using the blogroll, do not use a script or plugin that easily detected by Google. I personally highly recommend creating a special website if you really want to make money online
  • Periodic updates. Hiatus from the blog is okay, because there is no force, but do not be too long hiatus, will long rank position on the downside and the status can be changed to ex-blogger:-P
  • Avoid Duplicate Content. If you’ve written an article on another blog, do not copy-paste the entire article. Use the Excerpt or the first paragraph of the article and then link to the source article.

If all the above process is done, the next step to accelerate the recovery process is to sign up for Google Webmaster Tools service. Here’s how:

  1. Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools through the link above using current Google account
  2. Add and verify your website / blog that we want
  3. Click the menu Site Reconsideration. This service is a mechanism for Google’s request to reconsider the website that we ask. If it is wrong, please forgive accompanied by proof that we already meet the rules of the Google Webmaster Guidelines, if there is inappropriate to give arguments.

Many articles suggest that we argue that Google is the wrong idea on our website, one assessment and others.

I personally take a different way. Besides being really guilty (hehehe …), I assume that Google will not be easily cheated:-D. I describe the following things at the time of reconsideration submit Site:

  • That my website was never exposed to the virus / Trojan but I have to clean it
  • That I never put paid reviews and paid links but it was repentance:-P
  • That I once stupidly did not because of duplicate content Google Webmaster Guidelines against the rules but because I do not know if it should be avoided
  • That I have returned periodically to update the article (I did a restructuring and consolidation website)
  • I feel my website already qualified as outlined by Google
  • I beg my website reconsideration, his rank restored, restored and re-indexed index for latest articles
  • If Google feels that my website has not met the rules, please be told where the location of fault

Submit a request and then wait. Do not be angry if the index does not directly recovered in a short period of time. As I said above, I need time about a 1-1.5 months for Google to re-do the index and return the SERP position of my articles.

Hopefully useful.

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