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Monitor Bandwidth Usage on Each Network Interface with BWM-ng

To monitor the bandwidth you’ll often use a tool “ifup” …

I have a little info to find the use of bandwidth in each network interface …

His name is “BWM-ng” …

With the “BWM-ng” we can monitor the use of bandwidth used by each network interface connected to our network.

To download this application, you immediately come up to the RPM SEARCH or http://rpm.pbone.net/

Here you just enter the keyword “BWM-ng”.

Other applications are also available here..

Well, find the RPM package in accordance with the distro you use ….

After that download and install the package forwading …

How to install it very simply, just by typing the command to install the package RPM based distributions:

After installation is complete, you can simply run the application with the command

Display this tool may be as below

Bandwidth Monitor Management
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