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Installing Driver SiS Mirage 3 M671 for Ubuntu 10.10

Just wanted to share just make more friends who cares looking for drivers SiS Mirage 3 M671 to Ubuntu 10.10

First, download the driver here http://db.tt/vH7GMYP

Second, the files are included file “xorg.conf” to Resolution 1366×768, so users with 1280×800 resolution needs a little extra.

Third open the “Terminal / Konsole” and type

Extract the downloaded file and then


Once agan copy the file “xorg.conf” to “/etc/X11/” open the file using a Text Editor on your Ubuntu then DELETE the sentence:

After finishing everything, close the file manager then go back to Terminal and press Ctrl + C

Restart your computer and see what happens

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  • linux research March 26, 2011, 10:46 pm

    My screen resolution is now perfect!
    Thanks for this post.

  • yuri March 31, 2011, 5:03 am

    funcionou aqui, até entao só conseguia resoluçao 1024×768. agora ta perfeito. obrigado.

  • shri July 22, 2012, 4:37 am

    hi my ubuntu is not booting up after doing this.It is just keep showing ubuntu logo and ……… but not srating ubuntu.can you help?

  • shri July 22, 2012, 4:50 am

    hey hi all,

    i resolved it

    i went to /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/ under root authority from recovery mode and deleted sisimedia_drv.so and any other file starting with sismirage ,,,or something which is related to sismirage

    and i had deleted “xorg.conf” from “/etc/X11/”

    its working fine now .

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