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Metatrader on Linux

Today I would love a tutorial how to do install the Meta Trader 4 that electronic trading software solutions on Linux.

OK, immediately wrote . Here we go:

1. Install Wine first, how to open a terminal, type:

Take it easy, if you install it the old normal. because quite a lot of data to be downloaded.

2. Download Wine Tricks (Dirty Script that helps you a lot ), How to open a terminal type:

This install really fast because of small file

3. Install Fonts Library and necessary, the way in a terminal type:

BTW, make sure your winetricks file located in the HOME folder

4. Copy mt4setup.exe ke drive C:. If the installer at home, how:

Replace username with your user name.

5th Install Metatrader:

6. If so, run from a shortcut on the desktop or can manually use the command WINE.

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