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How to Protect Hard Disk Data

How to protect hard drive data so as not to be in the cut / copy to flash disk

Yesterday I try to change the windows registry for data on the notebook I do not offhand in the copy / cut by a friend to his flash disk. It turned out that works well and has no side effects. This works for OS Windows SP1, SP2, SP3 and Vista. If anyone wants to try it go ahead

following steps:

  1. click start >> run >> type regedit
  2. Further search HKEY_LOCALMACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControl
  3. In CONTROL folder, right click -> New-> Key and then create new folder and named it “StorageDevicePolicies”
  4. Next in the folder “StorageDevicePolicies”, Right click > New > Dword (32-bit)
  5. The new key named it : “WriteProtect”
  6. Click twice WriteProtect Key, then change the Value Data to 1
  7. Restart your PC

To return to normal living again just edit the Value Data from the key that is named “WriteProtect” became 0 (zero)

credir kaskus by indraerk1

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