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Software Supporting Facebook Existence

Who is not familiar with Facebook, Social Networking Sites Network No. 1 in the world. Behind all that what really makes up can still survive with the number of users to date? Let’s look

As a social networking site that has millions of users, must have been up to have activity that is very dense. As quoted from Pingdom Sunday (17/10/2010), up to serve at least 570 billion page views every month. In addition, there were approximately 3 billion photos uploaded every month by all users. That’s what makes up a large enough number of servers, which is about 30 thousand servers that existed until 2009.

The role of hardware in support of the existence of facebook is important, but behind all that the role of software is also important to maintain the viability of the social networking site. Software what is this?

Memcached, is a hash or associative array that can store data, such as string, integer or even objects. Hash data is stored in computer memory (RAM) to very fast to access.

HipHop for PHP, the application is responsible for converting the PHP programming language into C + +. So that will accelerate the processing of data within Facebook.

Haystack, this application is in charge of storage images in the database up. For information, Facebook has 80 billion photos in various resolutions. So it takes an application that really tough to manage.

BigPipe, this application serves to fix a bug or a syntax error on facebook

Cassandra Apache, is a database application based Bigtabel’s data. This is the facebook application that is used for storage of billions of data to date.

Scribe, is a social publishing site, where tens of millions of people to share original writings and documents.

Hadoop, Cassandra’s application is similar to Apache which aims for data storage facebook. Apache Project is an open-source implementation framework for a reliable, scalable computing, and distributed data storage

Hive, is a data warehouse built by the Hadoop infrastructure that provides tools to enable the summary data, ad hoc query and analysis of data stored in Hadoop file.

Thrift is a software development framework for cross-language services. This software combines a software stack with the code generation engine to build services that work efficiently, such as C + +, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Erlang, Perl, Haskell, C #, Cocoa, Smalltalk, and OCaml

Varnish, is a key software that speeds up your website. This is Open Source, built on industry standards and requires very little resources

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