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Fasting Schedule (Imsyakiyah) 2010 Ramadhan 1431 H

Ramadan 1431 h soon let us welcome with joy

Unnoticed, it seems only yesterday that we perform fasting for Ramadan. But in a minute less than two weeks away, we will carry out the obligations to the four pillars of Islam. Nothing less than the run of fasting in the month of ramadan in 1431 h / 2010.

As Muslims we should welcome him with joy. I’ve heard, whether the holy Al-Quran verses or hadith prophet. Whoever is happy with the coming month of Ramadan, Allah SWT will enter into the servants of his paradise. All would want it?

Ramadan Fasting 1431 h 2010 a challenging year

Why is full of challenges, not the other because the fasting of Ramadan in the year 2010 coincided with the uncertain weather. Most of Indonesia such as Depok and surrounding areas are still experiencing rain every day. But if the heat is not playing hot.

It is possible that when the month of Ramadan will occur a total hot weather. Of course this will really test our faith of the Muslims. But that is where lies the greater reward. The more severe the test the greater the reward that we will be. So keep up your spirit, it must be strong.

Download Schedule Imsakiyah Fasting Ramadan 1431 H / 2010 (Indonesia)

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