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WordPress theme: MW

Theme ini di pulikasikan di http://www.monetizingtheweb.com/wordpress-theme-mw/ sekarang sudah pada versi 1.1 untuk mendownloadnya silakan disini

beberapa fitur dari theme ini lumayan lengkap, buat jelasnya gw kutip aja dari situnya :

Added in version 1.1

  • Option to show full text or summary in front page, archives and search.
  • Option to show the summary at the top of single posts.
  • Fixed a bug about dates in archive pages.

Version 1.0

  • Clean, simple and classic look.
  • 2-column, fixed width, centered layout with left sidebar.
  • Option to choose between 17 color schemes:MW WordPress theme color schemes
  • Some modules: last articles, related articles?
  • Subscription options (Bloglines, Feedster, Google Reader?).
  • Digg, Del.icio.us and Furl links after articles.
  • Comments: automatically highlighted trackbacks and author comments. Integrated gravatars.
  • Easy ad management through specific files to that effect. Ad units in the header, after the two first article blocks (Google AdSense compliant) and at the bottom. AdSense section targeting.
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