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How to easily install WineTricks

Like most of us know the wine is used to run windows applications on linux. But setting it is always difficult. For example, if the windows program you need some prerequisites that do not exist or is not implemented in the wine then you should go to find on the internet. Examples include fonts mscore, Internet Explorer, DCOM, etc. And this guide explains how to install winetricks in ubuntu.

Download wine
Type the following code in terminal
sudo apt-get install wine

Download winetricks
Type the following code in terminal
wget http://www.kegel.com/wine/winetricks
chmod +x winetricks

wearing winetricks
For example if you want to install Microsoft’s Core fonts use the following command.
./winetricks corefonts

art2kmin – MS Access 2000 runtime. License required!.
colorprofile – Standard RGB color profile recording skype calls.
comctl32 – MS common controls 5.80.
comctl32.ocx – MS comctl32.ocx and mscomctl.ocx, comctl32 wrappers for VB6.
corefonts – MS Arial, Courier, Times fonts.
dcom98 – MS DCOM, override the Wine implementation.
dirac0.8 – the obsolete Dirac 0.8 directshow filter.
directx9 – MS DirectX 9 user redistributable.
divx – divx video codec.
dotnet11 – MS .NET 1.1 (requires Windows license).
dotnet20 – MS .NET 2.0 (requires Windows license).
ffdshow – ffdshow video codecs.
flash – Adobe Flash Player ActiveX and firefox plugins.
fontfix – Fix bad fonts which cause crash in some apps (e.g. .net)..
gdiplus – MS gdiplus.dll (from powerpoint viewer).
gecko – The HTML rendering Engine (Mozilla).
icodecs – Intel Codecs (Indeo).
jet40 – MS Jet 4.0 Service Pack 8.
liberation – Red Hat Liberation fonts (Sans, Serif, Mono).
mdac25 – MS MDAC 2.5: Microsoft ODBC drivers, etc..
mdac27 – MS MDAC 2.7.
mdac28 – MS MDAC 2.8.
mfc40 – MS mfc40 (Microsoft Foundation Classes from Visual C++ 4).
mfc42 – MS mfc42 (see vcrun6 below).
mono19 – mono-1.9.1-gtksharp-2.10.4-win32-2.
msi2 – MS Installer 2.0.
msls31 – MS Line Services 3.1 (needed by native riched?).
msxml3 – MS XML version 3.
msxml4 – MS XML version 4.
msxml6 – MS XML version 6.
ogg – ogg filters/codecs: flac, theora, speex, vorbis, schroedinger.
pdh – MS pdh.dll (Performance Data Helper).
quicktime72 – Apple Quicktime 7.2.
riched20 – MS riched20 and riched32.
riched30 – MS riched30.
tahoma – MS Tahoma font (not part of corefonts).
vb3run – MS Visual Basic 3 runtime.
vb4run – MS Visual Basic 4 runtime.
vb5run – MS Visual Basic 5 runtime.
vb6run – MS Visual Basic 6 runtime.
vcrun6 – MS Visual C++ 6 sp4 libraries (mfc42, msvcp60, msvcrt).
vcrun2003 – MS Visual C++ 2003 libraries (mfc71,msvcp71,msvcr71).
vcrun2005 – MS Visual C++ 2005 libraries (mfc80,msvcp80,msvcr80).
vcrun2005sp1 – MS Visual C++ 2005 sp1 libraries.
vcrun2008 – MS Visual C++ 2008 libraries (mfc90,msvcp90,msvcr90).
vjrun20 – MS Visual J# 2.0 libraries (requires dotnet20).
wmp9 – MS Windows Media Player 9 (requires Windows license).
wmp10 – MS Windows Media Player 10 (requires Windows license).
wsh51 – MS Windows Scripting Host 5.1.
wsh56 – MS Windows Scripting Host 5.6.
wsh56js – MS Windows scripting 5.6, jscript only, no cscript.
wsh56vb – MS Windows scripting 5.6, vbscript only, no cscript.
xvid – xvid video codec.

autohotkey – Autohotkey (open source gui scripting language).
firefox3 – Firefox Version 3.
kde – KDE for Windows installer.
mpc – Media Player Classic.
vlc – VLC media player.

allfonts – All listed fonts (corefonts, tahoma, liberation).
allcodecs – All listed codecs (xvid, ffdshow, icodecs).
fakeie6 – Set registry to claim IE6sp1 is installed.
native_mdac – Override odbc32 and odbccp32.
nt40 – Set windows version to nt40.
win98 – Set windows version to Windows 98.
win2k – Set windows version to Windows 2000.
winxp – Set windows version to Windows XP.
vista – Set windows version to Windows Vista.
winver= – Set windows version to default (winxp).
volnum – Rename drive_c to harddiskvolume0 (needed by some installers).

source: http://cimahi.linux.or.id/index.php/2011/06/cara-mudah-meng-install-winetricks/

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