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10 Software that is useful for laptops

Here is a list of 10 useful applications for your laptop:

1. TouchFreeze is an application that can make automatic touchpad in a non-active state as soon as you start typing. This is useful when you often accidentally touch the touchpad while being engrossed in typing. In addition, this application has a direct automated active since it was first installed with any of this so you become more comfortable for typing.

2. A.L.A.R.M (A Laptop A / C Removal Monitor) If you often hang out in a public place and using a laptop, this application is mandatory there. How it works, if someone tried to take the laptop and unplug its power cable, ALARM will sound an alarm the loudest sound from laptop speakers (many thieves nowadays understand that desperate).

3. LAlarm (Free Laptop Alarm) Almost the same as the ALARM but good again, this application provides data destruction if the laptop is actually stolen or missing, automatically deleting important data. There is even a facility to send alerts via SMS and email if the device is in an unsafe condition so if you ever have any personal data that are quieter screet so your laptop while flying hehehehe.

4. Battery Care This application monitors the battery information in detail until the battery is used. In addition, this application is also equipped with temperature monitors processor and hard disk. This facility gives a warning if there is a time-temperature conditions that allow the laptop to be made problematic.

5. Connectify With this free application, your laptop could be a hotspot. Make sure your notebook is connected to the Internet, and Internet connection can be shared with other devices such as PDAs, cell phones or game consoles. There are also facilities encryption so that not just anyone can go in and break the connection. Weaknesses, the application is only compatible with Windows 7.

6. SDExplorer data on your laptop can now be backed up online. This application will back up your laptop data to the site file backups of Windows Live SkyDrive, where you can register for free and get the backup capacity of 25GB for free. If the laptop is gone, you can simply download the data from your account in Windows Live SkyDrive from any computer.

7. WeFi laptop today must have been equipped with WiFi. But making matters connect with WeFi hotspot becomes much easier. This application will search and instantly connecting your laptop to a free hotspot that is around you. This application has a community that will be to share a free hotspot location around the world. He cried again, through applications such as Yahoo Messenger you can chat with friends who are also users of WeFi.

8. Avanquest (Connection Manager) Management to manage the connection on a laptop can be done easily when using this application. If you go into the LAN network at the office for example, this application will instantly set the laptop to use the network and the peripherals connected to the LAN.

9. Magix PX (Check & Tuning Free) This application is useful for checking your laptop that someday unexpectedly problematic. He was able to analyze the problem and get rid of your laptop. Applications that run behind the scenes it will continue to monitor the condition of the system so that applications can immediately diagnose, fix errors and speed up again begins to slow down system performance.

10. CoolKeys This application can help you to open files and folders are often used without the need to use the help of a mouse. You can set the keyboard shortcuts to access files, folders, system action, until the internet link that is often used. This application helps you that is probably one of the many laptop users who hate the touchpad. With 10 essential applications on top, your laptop can now be more “expensive” than other laptops that comparison in nominal terms may be much more expensive.










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