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How to Install Kloxo in Linux VPS

Now I’ll explain a little about kloxo installation in a Linux VPS.

There are several persaratan that must be met by our installations kloxo sbelum perform in the vps, that are:

  1. VPS must use Centos or Red Hat EL operating system with 32bit version, because according to his official website for the 64bit version is still in the development of resistance.
  2. Minimum 256 MB VPS memory
  3. Minimum 2G hard disk space available
  4. If you create a partition manually, make sure a large partition for /tmp, because kloxo will create and restore backups through /tmp partition
  5. Before doing the installation, make sure SELinux is disabled by turning on / etc / sysconfig / selinux or via the following command:
  6. Make sure 7778 and 7777 ports was opened in your firewall, because the port will be used for access to kloxo

Kloxo Instalation

if mysql is not installed in your VPS, type the following command:

if mysql is installed in your VPS, type the following command:

Now it’s time to drink coffee and smoking beforehand, because your vps is doing the installation of kloxo.

After installation is complete kloxo, you can open http://YOUR_SERVER_IP:7778 and login form will appear, please log in dengn use user: admin and password: admin then you will be entered into a free control panel that is not less good when compared with a paid CPanel .

So a little tutorial on how to do the installation of kloxo in a linux VPS. Good luck

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  • Linux vps June 8, 2011, 4:00 pm

    hey thanks for sharing.i think it would be beneficial and helpful for most number of people.

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