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3 SEO Tips for Bing Search Engine

While Google remains a search engine that dominates the market, the threat from other search engines should not be underestimated.

Other search engines are like Bing from Microsoft, it could someday become Google‘s biggest enemies.

Bing could be a threat partly because of their aggressive campaign to spend 80-100 million dollars to fulfill his ambitions shifted Google.

Plus Microsoft’s aggressive promotions that are behind Bing, requires people who are involved in online business have to pay attention to this search engine.

Bing birth sparked a lot of questions in the minds of many people such as:

“What happened to the website that is optimized for Google?”, “What is the difference Bing from Google when running a campaign ad?”, “Will there be panic?”,” Should we start optimizing a website for Bing? ”

Bing is very different from Google and Yahoo, both in the way of page rank and way of presenting search engine results.

The difference between Bing and Google reminded again of what happened in the 90’s where an online marketer must create a separate page optimized for different search engines, each for Google, Yahoo, Lycos, and AltaVista.

While there is no certainty what will happen in the future, better prepare for the worst by familiarizing yourself with the SEO Bing as early as possible.

Here are some SEO strategy that can be used to Bing:

1. Has a domain with an older age.

Bing gave more value to domains that were older than the domain under the age of six months.

2. Make the title of creative and interesting articles.

Just like other search engines, Bing also be impressed by the articles that have interesting titles.

3. Create an article at least 300 words.

Bing tend to prefer a longer article. So try only articles on your website have at least 300 words long.

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