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Creating a Healthy and Comfortable Houses

best apartments in OdessaRealization of a family of physical and mental health can be started from a healthy home as well..

Often the question arises, what a healthy relationship with the family home healthy? Various studies have shown that a healthy home played a major role to maintain physical and mental health of residents of the house, because in general the two-thirds of human life at home.

In an era of prolonged economic crisis like now, a healthy small house just is not enough. Houses also be efficient, productive, and environmentally friendly. Though tiny, the quality of the house should be compact.

The family’s financial budget mediocre and tiny homes that is precisely the challenge for residents who require high creativity of art in treating homes with simplicity. You can try it.

Limited land clearly requires the optimization of land allocation and utilization of outer space and space function within, and the possibility of the development plan level to the upper chamber. Versatility is a must to share space wide range of needs. Outer space before they can be used as well as the “garden room guest” which summarizes the front porch, carport, and a living in a garden atmosphere. Foreign guests and friends of our young children can be entertained here.

Space to accommodate functions of the family room, study and work, bedrooms and dining room with simple constraints, and bathroom. This space is a space to play the little one was quite relieved and safe.

Fathers and mothers can work or read, while the children learn at the same table. At lunchtime, the table turned into a dining table with family, practical and efficient.
Placement of the wide windows and holes in a cross wind will allow incoming sunlight to provide warmth and natural light into the house. Room service, especially dry in the sun room, clearly requires sufficient sunlight so that the shade of a tree or pergola should be taken into account. To remember is to clean the house from outside the fence (drains and roads), outer space front, interior, and rear outer space remains an absolute necessity.

The playhouse requires efficient usage efficiency of building materials for floors, walls, and roofs selected with medium quality (not too bad), but strong and durable, such as KW-2 ceramic, brick.

The selection of building materials should also be careful with respect to the content of the chemicals contained in paint, asbestos, or plastic material so as to avoid the toxic substances to residents of the house in the long term.

Election paint the walls with bright color combinations young amber, green tosca, or pastel colors can bring a warm atmosphere, cheerful but comfortable on the eyes and hearts. Selection of plants that produce (productive) such as planting fruit trees, vegetable plants, and pharmacy live in pots of plants that spread out and the house would be more useful to meet the needs of families. The creation of an atmosphere that will stimulate the emergence of inspiration and motivation of all family members to an active bunch, working and working.

Funding limitations make the townspeople do not have much choice in determining the home or housing complex with an ideal location, beautiful environment, and a big house. But we still can create a beautiful environment to make their own homes environmentally friendly. The playhouse is healthy, friendly environment is a blend of harmony between the garden and house building and the environment.

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  • BIAP August 3, 2011, 7:19 pm

    Especially in Indonesia it is very important to keep an eye on that no asbestos or dangerous wood preservatives are used. On the other side you have in Indonesia the great chance to use natural building materials like bamboo or rotan.
    Terima kasih untuk article yg. bagus !

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