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Install Windows 7 with USB

This time I will share a powerful tool to install the Windows 7 OS via USB with a Windows 7 USB/DVD. There we can install OS windows 7 in a way to click it!

I will explain how a little:

1. First make sure you have the ISO file of Windows 7. If not, you can make from DVD Windows 7 using Ultra ISO or similar software. If you do not have a DVD windows 7, you can download an ISO file in Windows 7 windows 7 official site.

2. Open the Windows 7 USB / DVD Creator. Click the Browse button to find the ISO file of Windows 7. Then click Next.

3. The next step determines the location of the installation media. Since we will make the installer windows 7 on the Flash disk, then select the USB device. At this step make sure the USB Flash Disk is connected on the computer.

4. If successful, the USB Flash disk will appear. If not try clicking the refresh button on the right side of the detection media. Then click the Begin Copying. If the exit confirmation window Not Enough free space because in the flash disk was filled with previous data, select erase the USB device.

5. Please wait for process for making a bootable copy of windows 7. It’s quite time consuming, so you should relax first.

6.Jika process of making a bootable windows 7 is successful, will be out a message “successfully created a bootable USB device.” Eject USB windows 7 and ready for use.

please for all of you who want to try a sample application just download here or for all OS download here :

source: kaskus

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