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Download Google Earth 6

To explore the surface of the earth and see the pictures and contents in various places around the world with three-dimensional view, today we no longer have to fly around the world physically, but can use a free software released by Google called Google Earth.

Today Google has released the latest version of Google Earth 6, with several additional features that further enhance the look and convenience to roam the earth.

In addition to exploring the earth’s surface, we can also explore the planet Mars, the map of the sky, moon, ocean, and also view the building as a 3D (three dimensional) in certain places.

Here are some of the new features in Google Earth 6.

Integration view Street View

With the feature Street View, we can see what the views of a place, as if we were standing at the spot, with a panoramic viewpoint. Completion of version 6 is the integration of view Street View in the view point of view from the top surface (bird-eye view), so that we can know the surface (road), which contained the view Street View, which is marked with blue lines.

Display Trees Three Dimensional (3D Trees)

In this latest version of the trees look more alive with three-dimensional point of view so it looks more real.

Historical Overview

In some places we can see the difference in the appearance of a place at a particular time for comparison with the display at different times. This can help us see the development or comparative circumstances of a place from time to time.

Download Free Google Earth 6

Please select one:

  • ONLINE version installer download here (must be connected to the internet during the installation process).
  • OFFLINE version installer download here (direct download link, the file size about 13 MB).

Aside from being a software standalone (alone), Google Earth also can be installed as a plugin in the browser (download here).

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